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I want to add UTF8 Languages in JavaFX because when I add a label with Persian content it shows a weird results.

Does it have a special plugin or a specific configuration to handle this issue?

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UTF is supported natively. It's more likely to be a bug in your code. Perhaps you could update the question with some of the code? – artbristol Dec 30 '12 at 13:20
I'd bet that you have a rendering problem with Arabic script, not an encoding problem. What system are run running on? Have you looked in a debugger at the text to make sure it's not corrupt? – bmargulies Dec 30 '12 at 13:24
Have you tested in plain old Java Swing? I tend to add -Dfile.encoding=utf8 in normal Java. Sadly, I've not tried this in JavaFx – JayTee Dec 30 '12 at 16:05

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Persian is right to left?

In which case you want to use a version of JavaFX with RTL support. That would be JavaFX 8 (included in JDK8). There is a preview available here.

Make sure you have loaded and are using a font which includes the glyphs for Persian characters.

Here is some sample JavaFX 8 code for displaying something which looks to me like Persian script.

All other comments on this question regarding using and interpreting the correct character encoding are also valid.

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Most probably your issue is not related with JavaFX but with some encoding messing. UTF-8 (which is not a set of languages, but a Unicode charset encoding) is fully supported in Java since ages. Do yourself a favour and spend a few hours digesting this.

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If you`re using ResourceBundle, make sure it reads property files with the right encoding.

How to use UTF-8 in resource properties with ResourceBundle

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i faced the same issue ,the answer was that file encoding of my source code files was not UTF8 (i am using intellijidea 14) i converted them to UTF8 and it worked.

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