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Is it possible to detect if iewebgl is installed or not? I saw somewhere this, but this doesn't work:

var has_iewebgl = WebGLRenderingContext.hasOwnProperty('iewebgl')
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The easiest way to detect webgl support in your browser is using Modernizr, a popular feature detection script. You can easily do it like so:

if (Modernizr.webgl){
       loadAllWebGLScripts(); // webgl assets can easily be > 300k
    } else {
      var msg = 'With a different browser you’ll get to see the WebGL experience here:    \
      document.getElementById( '#notice' ).innerHTML = msg;

the full documentation is here Modernizr Docs

I hope this answer helps you

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can anybody say, why this answer is down voted? – nmrony Jan 13 '13 at 9:32

In your case, WebGLRenderingContext is probably undefined if iewebgl hasn't been installed.


var has_iewebgl = (typeof WebGLRenderingContext != 'undefined') && WebGLRenderingContext.hasOwnProperty('iewebgl');
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