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I have written a simple Command-Line programm that disolves car license plates. like:

  • V -> Vienna
  • la -> Los Angeles

Now I want to make a simple GUI (its my first gui) for that programm. here're my classes:

Dissolver.java // dissolves car plates ; and contains whole logic

DissolverGUI.java // gui for Dissolver

My problem is: where should I create my object of Dissolver in the DissolverGui class?

I hope you are able to understand my problem

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Your plan to separate GUI from logic is a noble one. Consider creating your Dissolver in the main method and passing it into the GUI via either a setDisolver(Dissolver dissolver) method or via a constructor parameter. –  Hovercraft Full Of Eels Dec 30 '12 at 15:03

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Your question is too broad. It's hard to give an advice without seeing the code. You can try adding a field in DissolverGui class referencing Dissolver and use it from all methods. Suppose the right place to create it is the public static void main(String[]) method which will run the whole program.

As a beginner do not bother yourself about the style, just make the program work as you want.

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