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In my backbone.js app I need to update a specific view field when a model changes. For example:

this.model.bind("change:name", function() {
    $("#name", this.el).text(this.model.get("name"))

where should I put this code? If I put it in the initialize() then maybe the event is called before render() is. This seems a little dirty. In particular I may need the event to update UI elements that are only created in render.

If I put this code in render() then this seems again not appropriate. For example, I may call render() a few times but this logic should only be registered once.

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Binding the event in initialize is the easiest way, so I would just make your function smart enough not to have an error if rendering has not happened yet.

A few other recommendations:

  • Make the function part of the view prototype.
  • Your code as given will not work because this is wrong inside the callback, so you need to pass the third parameter.
  • bind is deprecated. Use on instead.
  • $(..., this.el) is equivalent to this.$(...)
  • Callbacks are passed the new value automatically, so calling get again is extra work.

initialize: function(options){
  this.model.on('change:name', this.changeName, this);

changeName: function(model, name){
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this.$(...) (or this.$el.find(...)) also has the advantage of not hiding the all important this.el at the end of the argument list where it is easily missed. – mu is too short Dec 30 '12 at 18:53

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