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I am tring to automate some MS Project features using C# and cannot find a solution how to change background and font color of special task cell.

I enumerate all tasks in project in that code sample, and when if statemet is true i want to change current cell color

foreach(Task t in Project.Tasks)
        //I want to change back color of current cell here
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The easiest part is how to select a cell and change color of the cell: Application.SelectTaskCell to select a cell link to MSDN and Application.ActiveCell.CellColor to set color of the cell link to MSDN

But there is a tricky part: Application.SelectTaskCell accepts rowId as the 1st parameter and there is no way to get row id by any task attribute. So what I did in my test sample:

  1. Disable filters by switching to "All Tasks" filter (Project.TaskFilters collection)
  2. Disable grouping (Application.GroupApply("No Group"))
  3. Disable AutoFilter (Application.AutoFilter = False)
  4. Resort everything by ID (Application.Sort(Key1:="ID", Ascending1:=True))

After that Task.ID should be pretty close to Id of the task's row. You can double check what task is selected through ActiveCell.Task but that is up to you.

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Thanks a lot and happy new year! You helped me! –  al072 Dec 31 '12 at 10:49

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