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I have an issue using FORCE NOT NULL in PostgreSQL.

I have a table with 10 columns and I need to load data to it from a CSV file.

I'm using the following query, which works perfectly:

COPY "myschema"."mytable" 
FROM '/var/www/myapp/myfile.csv' 
attr1, attr2, attr3, attr4, attr5, attr6, attr7, attr8, attr9, attr10;

I need to know how to do this without explicitly coping all the columns as arguments to the FORCE NOT NULL because I have more tables with hundreds of columns that require this.

I tried FORCE NOT NULL *, FORCE NOT NULL * but the query returns an error. I can't find a solution to this on the Internet.

Thanks in advance for the help you can provide me!

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You forgot to mention your version of PostgreSQL. – Erwin Brandstetter Dec 30 '12 at 17:07

FORCE NOT NULL * is not valid postgresql. A patch for this was almost passed but rejected. Read this mailing list for the discussion.

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I read the mailing list. It's seem not to be solution for what i need to do. Thanks for the help. =( – Víctor Dec 30 '12 at 16:09

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