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I am interested in making an application that will transmit strings from one computer to another. I am interested in TCP or UDP communication. I have implemented UDP but it seems to be able to send up to 512 bytes of data / packet. Implementing packet splitting and joining at both ends should be a pain in the ass, so I was wondering if there's a library or anything like this to allow me to transmit a long string (No more than 10-20 KB hopefully, usually around 1-2KB) directly to the other computer. I don't care about encrypted communication since no sensitive data is sent/retrieved. Any suggestions I could use?

Here's what I am thinking of right now:

import easylib
def receivedData(text):
sendData("Hello world! Oh my gosh, this is a pretty long string. Good to know I can send it without any problems.")

Thank you in advance.

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Nice small example of Python socket server. Also you can user some more higher level protocols, like XMLRPC

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Was just about to recommend XMLRPC. It's simple and effective. – Steve Mayne Dec 30 '12 at 16:39
Thanks! You both won a free license for my software. But it's free anyways. :P – DaKnOb Dec 30 '12 at 18:23

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