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Please help critical deadline is here.

I'm having horrible times with trying to get logout to work with facebook. I have read lots of articles and put my time in trying to figure out what to do but nothing seems to work. If you find another stackoverflow or internet source stating they fixed it, I have probably already attempted that way and failed. I have read that facebook has made a change to their logout in the pass couple of weeks, so I'm not sure what to believe.

So this is what I currently have:

 var oauth = new Facebook.FacebookClient(AccessToken);
 var logoutParameters = new Dictionary<string, object>
   {"access_token", AccessToken},
   {"next", "https://www.facebook.com"}
 var logoutUrl = oauth.GetLogoutUrl(logoutParameters);
 browser.Navigate(new Uri(logoutUrl.AbsoluteUri));

I have tried a hold bunch of of differ ways on the parameters even totally removing the parameters and nothing works.

When it navigates, it just takes me to the user's homepage.

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I recently had some trouble with this as well. I managed to solve it by entering an app domain and site URL in the developer page of the app (developers.facebook.com). When I used that one as the redirect URL, the user is actually logged out. Before, the redirect would indeed go to to the user's home page while staying logged in.

If you haven't tried this yet, pleae do so. Good luck.

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could you please put some C# sample code here ? that would be really nice. –  JP_medevice Mar 7 '13 at 0:57

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