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shelve documentation says:

The choice of which database package will be used (such as dbm, gdbm or bsddb) depends on which interface is available.

What is that mean? How to determine which package choosen? How to strictly define which one must be choosed? What database implementation best to use?

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I think there is no way to specify the underlaying database yourself. shelve uses anydbm and anydbm uses the whichdb module which tries the following underlaying implementations in the following order

  • dbhash
  • gdm
  • dbm
  • dumbdbm

You may use the shelve.BsdDbShelf subclass of Shelf to force the usage of bsd*d*b implementation.

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So, in case of using shelve.BsdDbShelf, you dont need to have bsddbm package available? –  Gill Bates Dec 30 '12 at 21:10
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Found it here:

import shelve 
import gdbm 

def gdbm_shelve(filename, flag="c"): 
return shelve.Shelf(gdbm.open(filename, flag)) 

db = gdbm_shelve("dbfile") 

In linked page someone also found this somewhere, but his link is dead.

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