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I have two defined functions, foo and bar which run pexpect that calls a script from the command line using pexpect.spawn. Next it just sends a control-c using pexpect's sendcontrol and close to tell the script it's running to shut down, and then terminate the object. After the program runs tho, the object is still running in memory and it looks like control-c and/or child.close never reached foo()

The script should terminate my spawned object, but instead my if logic in bar(child) does not seem to have any effect on the object created in foo()

Here's the code:

def foo():
   child = pexpect.spawn ('./script.sh')
   return child
def bar(child):
   if child.isalive():
   if child.isalive():
      print 'Child did not exit gracefully.'
      print 'Child exited gracefully.'
a = foo()

The program always ends by printing "Child exited gracefully" and but leaves my script.sh running in the background

This code here works tho:

def bar(child):

that interacts ok with the object created in foo() but for some reason my other code with the if logic runs the if correctly but doesn't do anything to my object

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I think my problem was my indentation in my .PY file was off by a charachter

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