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I'm working on the following 2 tables on Oracle 10g. I'm attempting a rather simple task, but can't get my query right, perhaps due to my lack of understanding of the basics. I want to query out the account_no from TEMP which is not present in BMF.

Two Tables: Table 1: BMF: 1372 rows

account_no  |  trans_amount   | tracking_id

8149817     |	8100	      |     72422912

8197743     |	9100	      |		72422913

7165129     |	8100	      |		72422914

8625861     |	8100	      |		72422915

8463378     |	2100	      |		72422916

8213330     |	3100	      |		72422917

Table 2: temp : 1373 rows -- There is only ONE account_no in TEMP that's missing from BMF










Expected result: 8463348 -- As this number is not present in the BMF table.

My Query:

 select a1.account_no from TEMP a1, bmf a2 
 where a2.tracking_id between 72422912 and 72424283
 and a1.account_no != a2.account_no

Any pointers, with a correct query will be helpful

Regards, novice

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SELECT account_no FROM temp 
                  WHERE bmf.account_no = temp.account_no)

This will have same execution plan as SQL in other answers here, but it states intention more clearly (at least to me).

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You want all column values, which are in one set of data (temp) but not in another (bmf)? That is what the "Minus" operator does.

select account_no from TEMP
select account_no from bmf

EDIT: added doc link

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SELECT account_no 
WHERE acount_no NOT IN (SELECT account_no FROM BMF)
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+1: This is the simplest and clearest way – Vincent Malgrat Sep 11 '09 at 7:38


 select a1.account_no from TEMP a1 left join bmf a2 
 where a2.tracking_id between 72422912 and 72424283
 and a2.account_no = NULL

use a left join and then only take the entries that don't have a corresponding entry

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+1. This is what I thought but is already answered by you :) – shahkalpesh Sep 11 '09 at 6:50

Your join syntax is discouraged by Oracle for outer joins.

You can do a left outer join and exclude the unjoined columns; this should be the most efficient approach. Something like this:

SELECT a1.account_no FROM TEMP a1
 LEFT JOIN bmf a2 ON a1.account_no = a2.account_no
 WHERE (a2.tracking_id between 72422912 and 72424283)
 AND a2.account_no IS NULL
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can you add a reference to the 'discouraged by Oracle' comment? – akf Sep 11 '09 at 6:51
I'd rather have a NOT EXIST or NOT IN query (the OP explicitely asks for rows "from TEMP which is not present in BMF"). The synthax with OUTER JOIN + NULL is awkward – Vincent Malgrat Sep 11 '09 at 7:41
@Vincent: the habit of using NOT IN with an additional query can quickly lead to a nested inner query, which is a complete performance killer. Since we're talking SQL, we're supposed to deal with sets, and not with procedural loop-like constructs... – Lucero Sep 11 '09 at 8:05
@afk: Added Oracle 11g manual reference. – Lucero Sep 11 '09 at 8:06
@Lucero: actually NOT IN will generate the very same ANTI-JOIN plan as the OUTER JOIN + NULL. There is no inner query either in Svetlozar's solution nor in zendar's (try it). – Vincent Malgrat Sep 11 '09 at 8:43

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