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I have two columns:

  • "ACNT Charge Code"
  • "ACNT Charge Code Assignment"

They are in a table and their visiblity is controlled by a single select parameter. These two columns are under the header "Task" and we can expand/collapse these two columns using +/- sign on "Task" textbox.

Using parameter if I hide one column then when I expand task group, hidden column appears. I used:

=iif(Parameters!parmDisplayChargeCode.Value="Task Level",
     Iif(Parameters!parmDisplayChargeCode.Value="Both", false, true))

as a hidden expression in column visiblity and checked the option disaplay can be toggled by this report item.

If I use choose parameter such that only ACNT charge code should be displayed then then "ACNT charge code Assignment" will be hiiden when I'll toggle that column also get displayed.

Any way to set toggle property that if in the parameter I those to hide one column then toggling don't affect visiblity of that chosen column to be hidden?

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I tried to help and make the question more readable, but it's still (for me, at least) very hard to follow. Could you review your question and try to clarify? –  Jeroen Dec 30 '12 at 23:12

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