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I have two tables: Admin and Worker. they have the same arguments (email, password, etc).

I tried to remove the row that contains the email: "foo@example.com" from Worker table into the Admin table (and delete it from the Worker Table).

I tried the next thing:

@email = 'foo@example.com'
@row_email_deleted = Worker.find_by_email(@email)

but it doesn't work :/

can someone help me to fix my problem?

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you have two tables with similar structure? may be you should try STI (single table inheritance) – Anatoliy Kukul Dec 30 '12 at 18:36
it doesn't work heck, it doesn't mean anything... btw what the add mthod? – apneadiving Dec 30 '12 at 18:39
I define it by the device. I want two kind of users: admins and workers. – Alon Shmiel Dec 30 '12 at 18:41
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Along with apneadiving, I don't know what the 'add' method is composed of. That and not a lot of detail on exactly what isn't working makes it hard to know why it's not working. That said, ignoring all of that, I would do something like this:

Worker.transaction do
  @email = 'foo@example.com'
  @worker = Worker.find_by_email(@email)
  Admin.create(@worker.attributes.reject{|k,v| %w[id].include?(k)}) 
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Try this:

@email = 'alon@gmail.com'
@worker = Worker.find_by_email(@email)
@new_admin = @worker.becomes Admin

But I propose you should try to refactor to STI e.g.: http://blog.thirst.co/post/14885390861/rails-single-table-inheritance

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