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I was doing work in csharp, where I made a form with registration of users in the database, so when I opened this form button was used to refer to actually see the data of the users in the database, but it an acknowledgment of the SocketException, I know that a network error and my code is right so I do not know what to do to solve this problem can someone help me?

namespace exercicio_sharp_banco
    class banco_clientes
        MySqlConnection conexao;
        MySqlCommand comando;
        MySqlDataAdapter captura;
        DataTable tabClientes;

        public void conectaBanco()
            conexao = new MySqlConnection("server=localhost;user id=root;database=t3it1_dbdados");
            conexao.Open();//here and the warning

        public DataTable mostraRegistros()
            captura = new MySqlDataAdapter(comando);
            tabClientes = new DataTable();


        public void fechaBanco()

        public void Consulta()
            comando = new MySqlCommand("select * from clientes",conexao);

        public void ConsultaPoa()
            comando = new MySqlCommand("select * from clientes where cidade='Porto Alegre'",conexao);

        public void ConsultaDinamica(string textoConsulta)
            comando = new MySqlCommand("select * from clientes where cidade like '%" +textoConsulta +"%' ",conexao);
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Are your sure your MySQL instance is running and configured correctly? – Adam Maras Dec 30 '12 at 18:49

This can have several reasons:

  • Your firewall is blocking your MySQL-Server
  • Your MySQL-Server is not running
  • Your MySQL-Server is not configured properly
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