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I'm a Java developer starting with .Net development using VS.Net 2008. I would love to get the Eclipse style of navigating methods etc by pressing the Ctrl key, hover over a method then click it to got to that method's declaration. Does such a plugin exist for VS.Net 2008?


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Actually stackoverflow.com/questions/80857/… may be even better. –  Eugene Yokota Sep 11 '09 at 6:57

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To summarize In Visual Studio 2008, how can I make control+click do a “Go To Definition”?, you could either use AutoHotKey with the following script,

SetTitleMatchMode RegEx
#IfWinActive, .* - Microsoft Visual Studio
^LButton::Send {click}{f12}

or use ReSharper.

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Two ways to go to a method's declaration:

Press F12 when the cursor is positioned in a call to the method.

Right click a call to the method and select 'Go To Definition' on the popup menu.

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