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I would like to log into the Facebook app from an android shell using am start commands.

     am start -n com.facebook.katana/.LoginActivity

That command brings up the facebook login screen. But how do I fill out the email and password fields and submit it as a one line command from android shell?

I've tried the following....

     am start -n com.facebook.katana/.LoginActivity -e email -e password mypassword

To no avail, I probably don't understand the usage of extras correctly though.

Additionally, If i'm already logged in these commands work perfectly

     am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d fb://notifications
     am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d fb://messages
     am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d fb://events

But I would like to allow multiple people to access their Facebook accounts using my process.

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I don't think you can log in by passing username/pw extras to the Fb LoginActivity.

Take a look at the source code for the LoginActivity, it does not handle extra parameters passed to it for authentication.

The Fb docs do not document the behavior you are asking about either.

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