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Has anyone used C# with a Sales Logix database?

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How about rewording the question to ask something specific? –  GEOCHET Sep 26 '08 at 17:52
Instead of posting several questions of the form "has anyone used X with a Sales Logix database" why not post 1 question asking what language to use to interface with a sales logix database. –  David Nehme Sep 26 '08 at 18:18

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Yes. I have.

(Not the most interesting answer on SOB today, but that's what the question asked...)

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Could you give me any recommendation on how to get started? Connecting to the database, how it differs from a sql db, etc? Thanks –  Kevin Colyar Sep 26 '08 at 18:27
There's nothing special ... they just install their schema into a regular SQL Server or Oracle server. See for example the system requirements at dmcsoftware.co.uk/Saleslogix/slxspecifications.aspx (Unless we're talking about two different SalesLogix's? If so, sorry!) –  Eric Sep 27 '08 at 1:10

Yes. I rewrote a History tab that worked better and faster than the original Best/Sage built-in tab version using datagridviews in C#. It was a .NET plugin and I used Ryan Farley's instructions for getting it to work in SLX 6.x. In SLX 7.x you can use C# and VB.NET natively for building plug in components.

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