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I can not figure out how I should do it...

Table 'child':

idchild | name | idability
   1    | Joe  |    1
   1    | Joe  |    2
   2    | Peter|    1
   2    | Peter|    3
   3    | Kate |    4

Table 'ability':

idability | ability
     1    |   run
     2    |   read
     3    |   write
     4    |   swim

For example, Joe can 'run' and 'read' but can't 'write' or 'swim'. And I need a list like this about Joe's ability:

ability |  
  run   |   +
  read  |   +
  write |   - 
  swim  |   -

I've tried several SQL queries in different ways (using 'NOT EXIST') but never got the correct result. I hope somebody can tell me how I should do this.

Thank you in advance!

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This should be ok:

select ability.ability, if(child.idability,'+','-') from ability left join child on ability.idability =child.idability and child.name="joe";
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It works perfectly, thank you!!! –  user527584 Dec 30 '12 at 20:21

Try this one:

select `child`.`idChild`,`child`.`name`, `child`.`idability`, `ability`.`idAbility`,`ability`.`ability` from `child` inner join `ability` on `child`.`idAbility` = `ability`.`idability` order by `child`.`name`, `ability`.`ability`

You can remove columns that you don't need.

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This lists only those abilities which child has, not every ability. I need to list every ability and mark which child has. –  user527584 Dec 30 '12 at 19:46

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