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I have already tried everything, including and all possible channel upgrade and clear cache commands. But still:

$ sudo pear install -a -f phpunit/PHPUnit
downloading PHPUnit-3.6.12.tgz ...
Starting to download PHPUnit-3.6.12.tgz (120,240 bytes)
..........................done: 120,240 bytes
install ok: channel://


$ pear list-upgrades
Channel No upgrades available Available Upgrades (stable):
Channel         Package            Local           Remote          Size PHPUnit            3.6.12 (stable) 3.7.10 (stable) 115kB PHPUnit_MockObject 1.1.1 (stable)  1.2.2 (stable)  19.9kB PHPUnit_Selenium   1.2.8 (stable)  1.2.11 (stable) 38kB PHP_CodeCoverage   1.1.4 (stable)  1.2.7 (stable)  155kB PHP_TokenStream    1.1.4 (stable)  1.1.5 (stable)  9.7kB Text_Template      1.1.3 (stable)  1.1.4 (stable)  3.6kB


There will be 100 points bounty for a person who will hint what can cause PEAR not be able to upgrade phpunit to the latest possible (using PEAR).

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How about using Composer for installing/updating PHPUnit? – Igor Timoshenko Dec 30 '12 at 21:28
@Igor Timoshenko: yep, it's an alternative. But as I answered - as soon as phpunit depends on newer php version (and I'm sure there is a reason for that) - there is a chance phpunit won't work well on it – zerkms Dec 30 '12 at 21:29
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Well, I use ubuntu lts 10.04, and it has php 5.3.2 version.

While phpunit 3.7 depends on php >= 5.3.3 (though it's not shown explicitly anywhere)

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I updated my Ubuntu to 12.10, which gives me PHP 5.4.x, and then the newer version of PHPUnit as well. I believe you need the 5.4.x of PHP to use the latest PHPUnit. Try updating PHP to be 5.4.x and then try the PHPUnit update again.

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If only I could :) – zerkms Dec 31 '12 at 21:07

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