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I am getting an object as a result of a method call. It is a raster/grid/matrix with rows and columns. But the return type of the method is a object.

On debugging, I can see the 2D array inside. But I am not being able to cast it into anything.

Object vPixels = pixelblock3.getPixelDataByRef(0);
Integer[][] wPixels = (Integer[][]) vPixels;

I get a ClassCastException at the 2nd line: [[B cannot be cast to [[Ljava.lang.Integer;

How can I fix this problem?

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Just a guess: try:

int[][] wPixels = (int[][]) vPixels; 


byte[][] wPixels = (byte[][]) vPixels; 

I think that [[B, "B" means primitive bytes.

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Hey, casting it to bytes worked!! Thanks!! –  Avishek Dutta Dec 30 '12 at 21:35
you're welcome. If the JVM was more kind, it should have pointed somehow byte instead of a cryptic B :) –  Luigi R. Viggiano Dec 30 '12 at 21:45

A simple trick to know what is the type of the object:

Object vPixels = pixelblock3.getPixelDataByRef(0);
Class cls = vPixels.getClass();
System.out.println("The type of the object is: " + cls.getName());

Then you can cast to the appropriate type.

EDIT: as Luigi pointed out [[B means byte[][] so his answer is the correct one.

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