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I am new for sencha touch. I got a question.How can I add button and fire the even to item template?Please guild me solution

Here is my coding

     Ext.define('bluebutton.view.BlueButton.CouponList', {
        extend: 'Ext..DataView',
        xtype: 'couponlistcard',
        requires: [

        config: {

            styleHtmlContent: true,
            scrollable: 'vertical',

             store : { xclass : 'bluebutton.store.BlueButton.MemberList'},
            grouped: true,
            indexBar: true,
             autoLoad: false,
           disclosure: true,

            id :'memberlist',
            items: [


            emptyText: '<p class="no-search-results">No member record found matching that search</p>',
            itemTpl: Ext.create(

   '<div style="float:left;width=33%;margin:2px;"><div class="demo-weather">',
                            '<tpl for=".">',
                                '<div class="day">',
                                    '<div class="date">{memberId}</div>',
                                    '<tpl for="weatherIconUrl">',
                                        '<img src="{value}">',
                                    '<span class="temp">{memberId}&deg;<span class="temp_low">{memberId}&deg;</span></span>',
                                    'button here?????'




Btw i am using MVC model.Thanks in advance

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List templates are not designed to use components, however you should be able to use them in dataviews. Another method is to add a div for the button to your template, and then using member functions on the template you can create and render a button to the div.

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