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Say I have some moderately complex JSON like

    "revenue": 100,
            {"name": "Apple", "price": 50},
            {"name": "Banana", "price": 50}

Obviously this this a bit contrived, but what's the best way to map this to pig using JsonLoader.

I've tried

a = LOAD 'test.json' USING


a = LOAD 'test.json' USING

However, when I DUMP A, I get (100,) for both.

I've also tried

a = LOAD '/json/complex.json'
    USING JsonLoader('revenue:int,products:[{name:chararray,price:int}]');

which errors out with ERROR 1200: <line 1, column 28> mismatched input 'chararray' expecting LEFT_PAREN.

What's the best way to parse this for future use?


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For posterity,

a = LOAD 'test.json' USING
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