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the code:

function updateProfil() {
  $.getJSON("./index_logg2.php", null, processCustom); 

function processCustom(data) {
  $.each(data, function(k, v) {
    $(".panel").append('<center><img src="images/custom/'+ v +' "title="Click to set it" "></center><br />');
    $(".panel").click(function() {
      var data= ???
      $.post("./index_logg2.php", { data: ??? }, updateProfil ); 

I am able to dynamically visualize the images, but i want to be able to capture (dynamically) the picture names when the image is clicked.

I know I have to use 1. javascript closures, 2. for loop inseatad of for - in loop. JSON containing image names looks like:

["1.jpg","2.png","3.gif","somename.jpg", "someothername.jpg" .............]

will you help me with this please. Thank you in advance !

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When you want something to happen when an image is clicked on you can do something like this:

   $("img").click(function () {
       alert("you clicked "+this.src);

Here is a demo:


For just the items in a div named panel you would use:

   $("#panel img").click(function () {
       alert("you clicked "+this.src);
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