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autojump on ArchLinux for some reason is not working in zsh.
Although If I switch to bash it works fine.

$ sudo pacman -S autojump

autojump: does not work on zsh

$ source /usr/etc/profile.d/autojump.sh
$ j
zsh: command not found: j

$ source /usr/etc/profile.d/autojump.bash
$ j
zsh: command not found: j

autojump: works on bash

$ bash
(bash) $ source /usr/etc/profile.d/autojump.bash
(bash) $ j
autojump: ...

My environment:

$ echo $SHELL

$ zsh --version 
zsh 5.0.2 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)

I use autojump on OS X with zsh, so it also doesn't look like a zsh specific issue to me.

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In my Antergos (arch based) the autojump is placed on /etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh and my oh-my-zsh had an alias for the j key. put [[ -s /etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh ]] && . /etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh in your ~/.zshrc –  user2571881 Jan 8 '14 at 15:34

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Aren’t you supposed to use autojump.zsh instead?

Though from what I see the only thing autojump.sh is doing is sourcing autojump.zsh or autojump.bash from some place so it should work with .sh. Work if maintainers of arch have patched autojump.sh: it does not expect to find autojump in /usr/etc.

If it does not work with autojump.zsh, post the output of doing (set -x ; source /usr/etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh).

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There is no /usr/etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh pushed when autojump is installed via pacman. I don't know why this is the case.

However, I performed, manual user installation and added autojump plugin in my zsh configuration that takes care of sourcing the file.

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I had repeated trouble with Autojump in ZSH regardless of sourcing the .zsh version. I never found a decent fix and eventually chose to stick with ZSH and stop using Autojump.

My personal solution was to switch from Autojump to FASD. It has the same functionality of Autojump via the 'z' alias. It also allows for specifically jumping to either a file or directory.

FASD has been a reliable part of my ZSH setup and surpasses the functionality of Autojump. I wrote up my experiences with FASD at greater length on my blog at Civet.ws

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I have tried above the ways,but I solved this problem by add the

 source ~/.autojump/etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh

because the I have not find the /usr/etc/profile.d/autojump.zsh

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