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I've got 30+ years of source code (C/C++/Java); many projects done over the years organized in many folders on a hard drive. Does anyone know if there is a program that could run through a list of paths and generate at least a catalog of functions (with their calling parameters)? Perhaps producing a document that could be searched?

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You could use ctags, which supports C/C++/Java and should allow you to extract a list of function names.

You could also use Doxygen to extract some code structure from undocumented source code using the EXTRACT_ALL option. It can also help you generate inheritance diagrams and other useful graphs. It supports C/C++/Java along with a number of other languages.

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I have recently started using cscope (which is similar to ctags). It's got integrations with most editors, so you can search for "where is the definition and usage of flurbify_object"?

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