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WFP stands for "Windows Filtering Platform". However, its API names are FwpmXXX rather than WfpmXXX.

Does API name FwpmXXX stand for "FireWall Platform Management"?

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This is not a practical programming question. It could stand for "Frank Wears Pants Mostly" and that would have no effect on the API behavior or how you call it. –  Raymond Chen Dec 31 '12 at 1:35
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It's kind of mysterious indeed; none of the WFP API docs explain the acronym. fwpmu.h starts with:

   Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation


     Declares the management portion of the FWP API.

Which suggests that WFP was at one point called FWP, in which case the M stands for Management. What FWP stands for, I haven't been able to find out...

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