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I would like to make the spacing between print statements the same. I thought that the spacing would be the same but between the third and fourth lines of text there is a larger gap.

Here is my code

    import random
    import time

    def UserInfo():
        UserName = input ("Player 1 what is your name?\n")
        return UserName

    def Introduction(UserName):
        print ("Hello " + UserName + ",\n")
        print ("You are an unfortunate soul\n")

    UserName = UserInfo()

The result i am getting is

    Player 1 what is your name?
    Hello Patrick,

    You are an unfortunate soul

But I dont want the gap between the third and fourth lines

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If you don't want extra linebreaks, don't use extra \ns. print adds a line feed by default.

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print will by default add the newline.

If you want to control the newline completely by yourself, you can add a "," behind. This will let python stop to add the newline automatically.

For example:

print ("Hello " + UserName + ",\n"),
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You don't need to add a newline in the line

print ("Hello " + UserName + ",\n")

since print adds automatically a new line

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