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The title pretty much explains it , I have a client that would like to be able to surf the net, click the wordpress "press this" button and automatically have the page link added to a custom field. I know this is possible bc when you click the "press this" button it automatically adds the link from the page you were on into the post window as a href link .

A next best solution would be finding a way to edit the output to the editor to remove the extra text wordpress adds to the editor automatically.

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Would you care to explain what 'custom field' means? What have you tried? Take the JavaScript and have a poke around and see what you can find. –  Alfo Dec 31 '12 at 1:12

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I think what you are requesting is possible but you would probably need to reworke both the bookmarklet and use a custom plugin rather than the standard press-this.php. (I've not checked but there might be pressthis hooks as well.)

I've also had great success with Gravity forms since it easily creates posts and can populate custom fields directly from URL parameters. A custom bookmarklet plus gravity forms would be a pretty effective solution for what you are describing.

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