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Hi Developers all over the world.

I would like to have some help with a simple, pure Javascript (30 lines), JQuery free (and other library's) drag control slider.

I have been searching months and found many scripts but i don't like -Jquery cause most script need 4, 5, 6 javascript includes.. I prefer smaller and basic script.. i like to ajust them like i want and i also can lean alot from smaller scripts.

All i need is a simple slider that i can use for: rescale images, scroll page, change brightness on images (with PHP) etc.

I am new with javascript (2 months), this is how far i get now.. Sorry for the bad variable names...

    <script type="text/javascript">  
      _item = null;
      mouse_x = 0;
      drag_x = 0; 
      function move_init() {
        document.onmousemove = _move;
        document.onmouseup = _stop;
      function _stop(){
         _item = null;
      function _move(e){
        mouse_x = document.all ? window.event.clientX : e.pageX;
        if(_item != null){
             _item.style.left = (mouse_x - drag_x) + "px";
      function _move_item(drag)
        _item = drag;
        drag_x = mouse_x - _item.offsetLeft;
drag.onmousedown=_move_item();   // Agh.. did'nt figure out how this works

<style type="text/css">
#track{background:red; width:200px;}

<div id="track"><div id="drag" onmousedown="_move_item(this);" >x</div></div>

i appriciate your help.

I wrote this on 31 december 2012.. So happy new year. Please be good for each other.

Thank you.

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Hi, @user1938684, if you're looking for a code review, please post this on codereview.stackexchange.com. Otherwise, if you have a specific question or problem with this code, feel free to state exactly what that is. As it stands, it's not clear exactly what kind of help you need. –  kojiro Dec 30 '12 at 23:49
I'll be happy if someone have a pice of code for me.. My code is not pasted for review... more for verify what i'm searching for. please give me a code.. then i'm happy and continue my development. –  user1938684 Dec 31 '12 at 1:56
Out of curiosity did you find a code? I'm looking for the same, still without result. –  user1111929 Jan 14 '13 at 14:35

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This code works in modern browsers. Just create some polyfill for that addEventListener and this custom range slider will be safe to use:

function rangeSlider(id, onDrag) {

    var range = document.getElementById(id),
        dragger = range.children[0],
        draggerWidth = 10, // width of your dragger
        down = false,
        rangeWidth, rangeLeft;

    dragger.style.width = draggerWidth + 'px';
    dragger.style.left = -draggerWidth + 'px';
    dragger.style.marginLeft = (draggerWidth / 2) + 'px';

    range.addEventListener("mousedown", function(e) {
        rangeWidth = this.offsetWidth;
        rangeLeft = this.offsetLeft;
        down = true;
        return false;

    document.addEventListener("mousemove", function(e) {

    document.addEventListener("mouseup", function() {
        down = false;

    function updateDragger(e) {
        if (down && e.pageX >= rangeLeft && e.pageX <= (rangeLeft + rangeWidth)) {
            dragger.style.left = e.pageX - rangeLeft - draggerWidth + 'px';
            if (typeof onDrag == "function") onDrag(Math.round(((e.pageX - rangeLeft) / rangeWidth) * 100));


Example Usage

.range-slider {
  margin:0 auto 1em;
.range-slider:before {
.range-slider span {

<div class="range-slider" id="range-slider-1">

rangeSlider('range-slider-1', function(value) {
    document.getElementById('test-area').innerHTML = value + '%';

Demo: http://jsbin.com/dulifezi/2/edit

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Update: I’m creating a repo :) –  Taufik Nurrohman Apr 1 '14 at 8:24
Great work! This should be accepted. –  J148 Oct 12 '14 at 20:37
Dragging doesn't seem to work on touch devices. Tested on an Android tablet. –  redburn Dec 14 '14 at 14:12

Take a look at DragDealer.js: http://code.ovidiu.ch/dragdealer/

More examples of it's use: http://code.ovidiu.ch/slider/ There's an example of changing opacity of an image based on the value of a slider here.

Hope this helps!

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