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I am relatively new with php and am in need of some help.

I have a html form, when the user can submit the text. This text is processed by php, and if there is a line with more than 20 characters, happens a line break. After, all text is "exploded", and I get an array. So far all is well.

function hexToStr($hex){
    for ($i=0; $i < strlen($hex)-1; $i+=2)
        $string .= chr(hexdec($hex[$i].$hex[$i+1]));
    return $string;}

    $format = $_POST['format'];
    $title= strtoupper($_POST['titre']);
    $txtcontent = $_POST['texte'];
    $txtcontent =  wordwrap($txtcontent,20,hexToStr('0D0A'),true);
    $txtcontent = explode("\n", $txtcontent);

print_r(array_chunk($txtcontent, 9, false));

$filecontent = implode(array_chunk($txtcontent, 9, false)); 

header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment;filename='.$_POST['titre'].'.'.$format.'');
header('Cache-Control: max-age=0');

//$fh = fopen($filename, 'wb');
$fh = fopen('php://output', 'wb');
fwrite($fh, $filecontent);

Im using array_chunk to separate the array $txtcontent in arrays chunk with 9 elements.

Now, I need add some constant text at the beginning and end of each new array element, according to the key value. Maybe i need to do a loop or something like it, I've tried many times and still can not. I need help to do this.

Exemple: If i submit this text in the web form:


i will have:

Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => line1 [1] => line2 [2] => line3 [3] => line4 [4] => line5 [5] => line6 [6] => line7 [7] => line8 [8] => line9 ) [1] => Array ( [0] => line10 [1] => line11 [2] => line12 ) ) 

This is where I need help:

After process it (after adding constant text, according to the key value), it should be something like it. However i dont know how i can do it.

Array ( [0] => Array ( 
[0] => \Text 1,1,"line1"
[1] => \Text 7,1,"line2"
[2] => \Text 13,1,"line3"
[3] => \Text 19,1,"line4"
[4] => \Text 25,1,"line5"
[5] => \Text 31,1,"line6"
[6] => \Text 37,1,"line7"
[7] => \Text 43,1,"line8"
[8] => \Text 49,1,"line9"
) [1] => Array ( 
[0] => \Text 1,1,"line10"
[1] => \Text 7,1,"line11"
[2] => \Text 13,1,"line12"
) ) 

Finnaly, when i output it to the file, I shall have:

(I dont know how to output array_chunk, i also need help to do this.)

\Text 1,1,"line1"
\Text 7,1,"line2"
\Text 13,1,"line3"
\Text 19,1,"line4"
\Text 25,1,"line5"
\Text 31,1,"line6"
\Text 37,1,"line7"
\Text 43,1,"line8"
\Text 49,1,"line9"
\Text 1,1,"line10"
\Text 7,1,"line11"
\Text 13,1,"line12"

Note that the element numbers in array may be larger or smaller, this is only a exemple.

Note also that arrays with same key (exemple: line 1 and 10) will have the same extra text at the end and beggin.

I think this question is quite hard, but I hope someone can help me. I'm already a week ago trying to solve it and I still can not.

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I hope this helps, but this question is a lot to take in:

You can do a foreach loop on the multidimensional array you make with array_chunk, and add the text that you want to add like this:

$chunkedarray = array_chunk($txtcontent, 9, false);
foreach($chunkedarray as $key => $array){
    foreach($array as $k => $v){
        $chunkedarray[$key][$k] = '\text '.($k*6+1).',1,'.$v;

Then you can flatten the multi dimensional array with a function I found from @alienwebguy on this stackoverflow question:

function array_flatten($array) { 
  if (!is_array($array)) { 
    return FALSE; 
  $result = array(); 
  foreach ($array as $key => $value) { 
    if (is_array($value)) { 
      $result = array_merge($result, array_flatten($value)); 
    else { 
      $result[$key] = $value; 
  return $result; 
$flattenedarray = array_flatten($chunkedarray);

Then you can output the flattened multidimensional array with another for loop:

foreach($flattenedarray as $v){
  echo $v.'<br>';

Check out the example code on IDEone.com: http://ideone.com/vzPJOB

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Thanks for your help. Your code works 'Like a boss' :D –  tuner3000 Dec 31 '12 at 0:51

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