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I have a database table "timetable" with a DATETIME field "created_on"

created_on DATETIME,

I use NOW() function to insert the current time through PDO prepared statements

INSERT INTO timetable(created_on, note)
VALUES(?, ?);

so after binding the values and executing the prepared statment

$notes ="This is a note...";
$values =array("NOW()", $notes);

the "notes" column on MYSQL server writes the expected data but the "created_on" column produces a

0000-00-00 00:00:00 

I don't want to use the unix epoch timestamp. So how do I get DATETIME's NOW() to work?

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don't pass NOW() as a parameter,

INSERT INTO timetable(created_on, note) VALUES(NOW(), ?);

so you will only need to bind the notes.

$values =array($notes);
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You are passing NOW() as string, not mysql expression.

use as this:

INSERT INTO timetable(created_on, note)
VALUES(now(), ?);
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