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I have this:

listed in <%= @product.categories.map{ |cat| raw(link_to(cat.name, category_path(cat))) }.join(', ') + "." %>

This is the output:

listed in <a href="/categories/1">Men</a>, <a href="/categories/2">Women</a>. 

It doesn't actually convert that to an actual link. It spits it out as text on the webpage.

How do I get that link_to helper to be displayed as a link, and not HTML, from within that block?

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you need to wrap the result of your map call with raw. This way you can tell rails that the string should be outputted directly into the template.

listed in <%= raw(@product.categories.map{ |cat| raw(link_to(cat.name, category_path(cat))) }.join(', ') + ".") %>
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SWEEEET. This works. Thanks much meng....that's kinda trippy. –  marcamillion Dec 31 '12 at 1:32

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