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I have a simple set of constraints that Z3 is not able to cope with:

Is there a way to tweak the constraints in order to get the result ? This is a simple example of a bigger set of constraints (thousands) but I am somehow troubled that it doesn't work even on such simple example

Thanks in advance !!

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Your problem has non-linear constraints. While Z3 can deal with them in most cases, the mixing of Ints and Real's seem to be putting it beyond its current capabilities. If you simply use Reals for your s_0_1, s_0_2 etc. variables, I trust Z3 will be able to solve the problem. (You seem to have enough value constraints, so I trust there won't be a modeling issue.)

I think Leonardo expressed several times that the upcoming releases will have better support for combined theories in the presence of non-linear constraints.

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Levent is correct, the problem is the use of mixed integer and real nonlinear arithmetic. I see two possible workarounds. We can replace all integer variables with real variables, this is ok, since the integer variables can only assume 0 or 1 values in your problem (here is this solution: In this case the new nlsat solver in Z3 will be used. Another option is to replace the integer variables with Boolean ones, and linearize the problem using Ifs. Here is the link for this solution The second solution should scale better. – Leonardo de Moura Dec 31 '12 at 2:20

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