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I have a dataframe "data" with 50 variables. For the analysis purpose, I want to rename all these variables by adding 1 at the end of each variable . Following is the procedure that I followed (for a dataframe "datasample" of 10 variables):

# original colnames for 10 variables
  [1] "a"    "z"   "y"  "b"  "bb" "ca"   "a3"   
  [8] "b2" "as" "ask"
#rename 10 variables

I was wondering whether there is an efficient way of renaming these multiple variables. Thanks in advance.

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names(datasample) <- paste(names(datasample), "1", sep="")

Or, equivalently,

names(datasample) <- paste0(names(datasample), "1")
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Thanks a lot Josh! –  Metrics Dec 31 '12 at 3:04

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