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I'm trying to add a function to my Wordpress theme that will add content before and after each post, but not on any pages. This does not seem to work, but not sure why.

if(!is_page()) {
  function custom_content($content) {
    $content = 'before post content' . $content . 'after post content';
    return $content;

EDIT: Solution I ended up with that does the trick for me, using is_single to only include on single posts. If you want to include on single pages use is_singular

function custom_content($content) {
    if (is_single()) {
        $content = 'before post content' . $content . 'after post content';
    return $content;
add_filter ('the_content', 'custom_content', 0);
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Have you tested to make sure your if statement is working at all? Trying putting something like "echo 'testing';" at the beginning of the if statement. – Chris Herbert Dec 31 '12 at 3:32
This Conditional Tag checks if Pages are being displayed. This is a boolean function, meaning it returns either TRUE or FALSE. This tag must be used **BEFORE** The Loop and does not work inside The Loop. – cryptic ツ Dec 31 '12 at 3:34
Ahh, darn it! Thanks for pointing that out. – user1373779 Dec 31 '12 at 3:40

You might be using it inside the loop. is_page() works only outside the loop.

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