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I'm starting in javascript development, and did a simple project with node.js as a rest API and a client using backbone, everything look perfectly till I want to get my templates out of my js.

I found different approaches, some of them with some time (like one year old) but I can't understand which one could be better:

  • A .js file with a var with the html code

    pros -> easy to load, easy to pass to underscore to compile it.

    cons -> scape every single line.

    app.templates.view = " \
    <h3>something code</h3> \

    load template:

    template: _.template(app.templates.view)

External template in Underscore

  • Use require.js to load with text plug-in.

    pros -> load different templates as needed.

    cons -> I don't like the approach to put everything inside a "loader" function...

    define(["TemplateEngine", "text!templates/template.html"], function(...

RequireJS: Loading modules including templates and CSS

  • A function that loads the templates with an AJAX petition.

    pros -> You can load the template that you need and adds local storage posibilities.

    cons -> Seems that I have to merge all my templates into one file for production environments.

    function() {
    var templateLoader = {... $.get calls ...}   

Best way to load asynchronously undescore templates

  • And a Jquery plug-in for template loading that I really liked but it seems that it didn't go to release?


It seems that require is the best approach, but maybe I'm missing something, I do wan't to make things as clean as possible since I'm in the learning/having fun phase :D

Any good article or github project with a good structure or any light on this will be appreciated.


Excuse any major spelling mistake, not an English speaker :)

--EDIT-- found some interesting videos to understand how to start and wrap things with require.js http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGlDR1QiV3A


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I would recommend using require.js with text plugin. Mixing html templates as strings in javascript variable is bad idea, as well as using something like <script type="text/template"></script>.

Here is one very good series on backbone.js which covers template loading and project build as well: http://dailyjs.com/2012/11/29/backbone-tutorial-1/. Github project is also provided there.

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Thx i'll have a look, the <script type="text/template" is a bad approach because the template is inside the js or why? –  Goofyahead Dec 31 '12 at 20:30
You use Backbone which is basically a very good utility for adding structure to code and separating different tasks (data processing / view rendering) between different types of objects. Saving client-side templates as separate files is also a good way for adding structure (just as saving your .js files in /js folder, stylesheets in /css folder etc). Keep your server-side templates (or static html pages) clean and easy to maintain. Just imagine if you need 10 different templates on one page - adding them all to html head inside script tags will lead to a great mess in your code. –  Paul Karabilo Dec 31 '12 at 20:54

Require is a good option from the ones you listed.

Is there a reason you haven't considered simply:

  1. Storing templates in the pages that use them as <script type='text/template'> nodes?

  2. Storing templates as text (non-JS) files and loading them via XHR on pages that use them?

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thx, having a look at your suggestions :) –  Goofyahead Dec 31 '12 at 20:28

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