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I'm trying to plot a graph in C#.I want to know Is there any best approch to do so? I'm already using ZedGraph library for plotting the graph but that is not working on Windows 8 and that library can only use in Winform Application. I don't want these limitations.I have alredy saw this question

How to plot XY graph in C#?

So, please help or suggest any best approch for drawing the graph.In input we will give the co-ordinate values and In the output we should get the generated graph.

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You can use this two lib. [telerik]: http://www.telerik.com/ and [visifire]: http://www.visifire.com/,

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As an additional option, you can also use the charting in the Silverlight Controls Toolkit: silverlighthack.com/post/2010/10/08/… –  Michael Itzoe Dec 31 '12 at 14:46

You can use ZedGraph or SharpGraphLib.

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I think both can be used only for WinForm application but I want for Windows Phone Application. –  Amit_T Dec 31 '12 at 5:56

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