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I want to replace specific BBCodes like




My current pattern get no matches:

 sed -i 's/\[youtube\]\(http:\/\/|https:\/\/|.*\)\(www\.|.*\)youtu\(be\.com|\.be\)\(\/watch\?v=|\/\)\([a-zA-Z0-9-]{11}\)\(.*\)\[\/youtube\]/\[MEDIA=youtube\]\5\[\/MEDIA\]/g' text.txt

What do you think about it? Where could be my fault?


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Can you post the expected output in this case? –  Guru Dec 31 '12 at 5:49

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A possible solution with awk (put it in file.awk and file.txt is your input).

awk -f file.awk file.txt


    # a list of patterns
    lp = \
    " " \
    " " \

    # escape ?
    gsub("?", "\\?", lp)

    # add [youtube]
    gsub("[ ^]", " \\[" media "]", lp)

    # make array of patterns
    split(lp, pat, " ")

    for (i in pat) {
       n=split($0, arr, pat[i])
       if (n>1) {
           # remove rest of the string
           gsub("[/[&].*", "", arr[2])
           printf "[MEDIA=%s]%s[MEDIA]\n", media, arr[2]
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One way to do this:

sed -n '/^\[youtube\]/{s/[^0-9]*\([0-9]*\)*.*/[MEDIA=youtube]\1[\\MEDIA]/p}' input
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Your solution works great but the zeros are placeholder. An original URL has a random string like 2DfefdfFDfb –  rcro Dec 31 '12 at 6:22

This might work for you (GNU sed):

sed -ri '\|^\[([^]]+)\](http://)?[^/]*/(watch\?v=)?(.{11}).*\[\\\1\]$|s//[MEDIA=\1]\4[\\MEDIA]/' file
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