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So I have been coding my first android app recently, and I have been asking myself all sorts of questions to things I have no experience on.

The project I am working on is a google map page that will grow from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of markers on it. And these markers being points of interest, that will be added with time.

Anyway, I am trying to figure out the best way to code this. Should I code this google map natively inside android, or in the web based (java script?) version and import it in from a webpage?

I have found sections of code that might allow me to import a kml file (which can hold a bunch of google map markers), but for now it has failed (I am saying, I might be able to get it working). The real issue though, is that I will one day want to add things like layers or simple culling mechanisms.

So, I would like to hear what you guys think, how would you code this project?

And let me know if I am not mentioning all the options!

And thanks

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First of all all the best for your project, If I am handling this project I must go with native google maps or MapActivity. MapActivity handle all the expects required for google map markers and other Map issues, kml is a file generally used to draw direction on Map and for poining marker you can put lat long in collection anywhere. So just go on and try it, all the best.

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Coding for so much markers in android app will make it bulky and slower.so it is the best way to code it in other file and import it.

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