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this module does a good job at creating a tagcloud block - all good here. now id also like to have a page that lists all tags with next to each tag the number of posts that were tagged with this term. all terms are listed ok on but i dont think tagadelic can add the number of posts per tag?

also, it seems tagadelic can just output one single block "tags in tags". whatever changes i make in the tagadelic configuration is applied to the tagadelic/list/3 url AND to the tagcloud block in the sidebar (the order of tags and number of tag levels)

does what i need require some custom module or are there others around that can achieve this? ive been playing around with Views 2 but cant quite get what I need

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Use views and views_cloud for a much more flexible solution.

Edit: If you are having trouble with the views module, there is some very good in-browser instructions that come with it, but they require the advanced_help module.

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thanks for this, checking it out now. Views is no prob, my favorite drupal module – stef Sep 11 '09 at 9:21
I add a view and set "cloud" for Basic Settings > Style. Then i see a "cloud weight field" drop down but there are no values and this field is required :( Can this module also output a page that lists all tags + the number of posts for each tag linked to a page with all posts with this tag? if that makes sense ... – stef Sep 11 '09 at 9:29
I have no idea, it's been a while since I used it myself. Now that I look at the last update date, I suppose it's entirely possible it's no longer compatible with the views module. – Matthew Scharley Sep 11 '09 at 10:51
its purpose seems to be to output clouds but that "cloud weight field" wont go away. and showing the nbr of posts per tag isnt possible. – stef Sep 11 '09 at 11:31
The cloud weight is how big it is. Without a field specifying the weight of each item, the cloud is fairly useless, it's just a list again. On the topic of showing number of posts, it should be possible, but like I said, it's been a long time since I used either drupal or this module – Matthew Scharley Sep 11 '09 at 13:25

For historical information: Tagadelic can add the number of posts per tag, just fine. Assuming your theme is called "red":

 * theme function that renders the HTML for the tags
 * @ingroup themable
function red_tagadelic_weighted($terms) {
  $output = '';
  foreach ($terms as $term) {
    $output .= l($term->name, taxonomy_term_path($term), array('attributes' => array('class' => "tagadelic level$term->weight", 'rel' => 'tag'))) .' ('. $term->count .') ';
  return $output;
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