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I need to have a column in my Extjs grid with a checkbox which doesn't have a data field assigned to it. I have tried checkColumn plugin but it only works when I assign a data field to it.

What I mean is that it works for the following code:

{header: 'Business Call?',dataIndex: 'business', width: 55, xtype: 'checkcolumn'}

But for this code, it only displays a checkbox, but it's not clickable:

{header: 'Set Business Call', width: 55, xtype: 'checkcolumn'}

What I want to happen is, when the user ticks the checkbox, I need to do some operation on the respective database row. Is this possible with Extjs?

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What are you planning on doing with the clickable checkbox? If it's simply the act of clicking that you're trying to intercept, what is harmed by specifying a dataIndex?

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I don't want that column to represent any data in the database.. I just want something like an action button, but in this case a checkbox. – vahissan Dec 31 '12 at 8:04
You're right. Specifying a dataIndex (which does not exist in the database) did work. Thank you! – vahissan Apr 19 '13 at 9:48

Remember that you should add the picture of checkbox to ur images from extjs-->resources-->images-->default-->grid

 xtype: 'checkcolumn',
 header: 'Capital City',
 dataIndex: 'CapitalCity',
 editor: {
          xtype: 'checkbox',
          cls: 'x-grid-checkheader-editor'
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