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Is it possible to programmatically prevent install/uninstall of applications in android? If it possible how can i do this for my Kids application.I could not obtain a helpful answer.Any help much appreciating.

Thanks in Advance

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there is no API to do such thing

but - you can develop your own customized launcher

Android - creating custom launcher, and by that to restrict the user's to see or to do only the things you want. for example - when you implementing the home screen showing all the applications - when you implement the uninstall feature - open some dialog requesting for password..

you will also need to root the device, for implement hiding of the system bar - to prevent the user acess to settings. hiding status bar is a bit tricky, and requires running linux commands. for example, in honeycomb you can do it like that -

the built-in default launcher coming with the stock-rom don't provide such feature, but I'm sure you can find some custom launcher in the Google Play providing such feature . after installing launcher and restarting the device - you can define him as the default launcher - and by that even if your kids will restart the device - they will have access only to the custom launcher.

as an Android developer, I'll be very surprised if no-one developed such launcher yet, because it's very simple feature for development for someone who develops launcher app.

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If you want to do this without your kid's knowledge,you can check for the apps installed in his/her phone from time to time and uninstall the unwanted ones. Refer the accepted answer in Install apps silently, with granted INSTALL_PACKAGES permission. You should have your app signed with the device system certificate.

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Yes it is possible to do that programatically.from the below code you can do it using an intent. Install APK :

 Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
 intent.setDataAndType(apkUri, "application/");

Uninstall APK :

 Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_DELETE, Uri.fromParts("package",
 getPackageManager().getPackageArchiveInfo(apkUri.getPath(), 0).packageName,null));

Hope it will help you.Thanks.

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