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Hi everyone, I am new to clojure. I would like to update my record with a split string.

(defrecord Learning [Name Age Gender])
(def person [:Name :Age :Gender])

(let person 
(clojure.string/split "John,12,Male" #","))

I am able to split the string but it throws an exception IllegalArgumentException let requires a vector for its binding in ShipDataRecord:1 clojure.core/let (core.clj:3965)

Can Someone kindly explain how should I go about doing it?

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You are not new but very very new to clojure. Please read clojure documentation and see how to use let – Ankur Dec 31 '12 at 8:23
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Looks like you missed a lot.

First, you using def the wrong way. All variables in clojure are immutable. So, after you defined some variable you can't change its value, but you can rebind it with a new value in any local context using let.

Second, your using of let is incorrect. Try to read Clojure Docs:

(let [x 1]

let creates new context by binding some variables with new values. [x 1] means that you bind value 1 to the variable x. But outside of let x won't change.

What you want to do is:

(defrecord Learning [Name Age Gender])

(def person
  (apply ->Learning
         (clojure.string/split "John,12,Male" #",")))
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