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I have the following list

Prelude> let a = [["1676","17348","10"],["1677","18831","10"],["1677","18896","10"]]

I want to convert it to list of list of Int like this [[1676,17348,10],[1677,18831,10],[1677,18896,10]]

I have tried the following code, but it doesn't work:

f :: [[String]] -> [[Int]]
f [x] = map read (map read x)
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map (map read) – Daniel Fischer Dec 31 '12 at 8:35
@DanielFischer can you explain this briefly ? How does this work? – Sibi Dec 31 '12 at 8:45
One way to see map is that it takes a function and lift it to work on lists (in other words : map :: (a -> b) -> ([a] -> [b])) so obviously, if you want to work on lists of lists, you have to take a function that already works on lists and lift it with map and here, this inner function should transform lists of String into lists of Int, in other words it should read every String to an Int, so it should lift read to work on lists, i.e. map read. Putting it together you map (map read) ! – Jedai Jan 1 '13 at 11:13
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Why map (map read) works.

The inner (map read) signature is [String] -> [Int]. So it will convert a list of String to list of Int. Now to apply it to list of list of String, you only have to raise it using map, hence map(map read) works. In this you are applying the function (map read) to each element on the list of [String] (or list of list of String, if that makes it better).
You can not have map read (map read), because the type signature of read is String -> Int. Your outer read type signature (mapread(map read)) is [String]->[Int] and that's not how read works.

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An alternative solution using lens library (Control.Lens)

import Control.Lens
f :: [[String]] -> [[Int]]
f = over (traverse.traverse) read

Now if instead we had:

Prelude> let a = [("1676","17348"),("1677","18831"),("1677","18896")]

f :: [[String]] -> [(Int, Int)]
f = over (traverse.both) read

Or for three tuples we would need a new function thrice by expanding from the definition of both.

Prelude> let a = [("1676","17348","10"),("1677","18831","10"),("1677","18896","10")]

import Control.Lens
import Control.Applicative

thrice f ~(a, a', a'') = (,,) <$> f a, <*> f a' <*> f a''

f :: [[String]] -> [(Int, Int, Int)]
f = over (traverse.thrice) read
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