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I have project where header files are in different subfolders (/config/.h; /thread/.h etc) in qt project file they are included like:

HEADERS += $$PWD/src/*.h
HEADERS += $$PWD/src/config/*.h

then install is described as simple:

headers.files = $$HEADERS
headers.path  = $$INSTALL_INC_DIR/proj

some other projects that use this lib will include files from that install dir and there problem occurs - all .h files are copied to same folder, without subfolders and in code they are included with subfolders (#include <proj/config/config.h>).

Is it possible to tell qmake (or actually nmake) that when copying files keep original folder stucture?

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This works for me:


for(header, INSTALL_HEADERS) {
  path = $${INSTALL_PREFIX}/$${dirname(header)}
  eval(headers_$${path}.files += $$header)
  eval(headers_$${path}.path = $$path)
  eval(INSTALLS *= headers_$${path})

at the end of your .pro file:

INSTALL_PREFIX = /tmp/installprefix
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it was a bit long ago, but I will accept answer. And try, maybe it will be useful now as well. –  Dainius Sep 13 '13 at 19:00

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