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I'm trying to bind XForms instances according to an XML Schema. It works fine with facets, like in the following case, where ValeurNoteType is a restriction on an xs:decimal type :

<xforms:bind nodeset="instance('note-template')">
    <xforms:bind nodeset="Valeur" type="ValeurNoteType"/>

XForms 1.1 doesn't seems to support complex types for binding, like in the following example, where ExamenType is a sequence :

<xforms:bind nodeset="instance('examen-template')">
    <xforms:bind nodeset="Examen" type="ExamenType"/>

What I want is to avoid to write <xforms:bind nodeset="Titre" required="true()"/> for every element of the ExamenType type for which there is a Min Occurs = 1 in the xml schema (or other conditions, like xs:date type for an element in the sequence and so on).

Is there a way to do it with Orbeon ?

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XForms 1.1 is clear in specifying how the type attribute is handled:

"The type model item property is not applied to instance nodes that contain child elements. The type model item property associates a datatype (as defined in [XML Schema part 2]) with the string-value (as defined in [XPath 1.0]) of an instance node. The datatype being associated can be obtained from a simpleType definition or a simpleContent definition from a complexType. If the datatype cannot be obtained as just described, then the Default Value of xsd:string is used."

In other words, the type attribute only works as a way to validate text content, not the structure of the document.

If a schema is present, the entire instance is validated (Orbeon forms has extensions to control that, see Validation) and nodes can be marked as invalid as well in that process, including due to complex content validation. But I am not sure if this will help in your case. In any case, this is a process separate from the handling of the type attribute.

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In my app, I'm pulling out of exist a big instance which is validated by a schema. When I post it back, the validation works fine (and I can handle/display the errors if any). What I'm looking for is a way to reflect the structure of the schema and/or changes made to it in an "automatic" way in my forms instances. Obviously, it's not with the typeattribute ! Thanks a lot to have made that clear to me ! – cbosson Jan 2 '13 at 12:00

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