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To support special character in latex we should put single slash before special character(ex: \& ),But python inserts 2 slashes if i replace with single slash (\&).

input1 = "managing & director #"
changed_val = input1.replace("&","\&").replace("#","\#")

print changed_val
output:-managing \& director \#

If I print the variable it shows single slash but value inside variable includes 2 slashes (at end).

Please advise how to just add a single slash in python so that I can use this string with special character in latex

Or anything in replace of latix

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It shows as 2 slashes because Python also uses the slash to indicate special characters, so to show a slash in a variable, it needs to show a slash in front of it.

Here's an interactive session as an example:

>>> s = "a string"
>>> s
'a string'
>>> print s
a string
>>> s = "a \\string"
>>> s
'a \\string'
>>> print s
a \string
>>> len(s)

Bottom line: you don't have a problem. To confirm, check then length of the string.

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Maybe using a raw string could be useful too here! –  Thomas Orozco Dec 31 '12 at 12:06
Yes, When I am checking the length its showing two only. But when this special char is being used by latex then its creating issue. Its not accepting two \ with &. Please advise –  learner Dec 31 '12 at 12:29
I will use raw string ,Thomas Orozco. If it does not work then I will ask help from u guys., Thanks for your time . –  learner Dec 31 '12 at 12:40

Run this to see what is happening:

>>> print changed_val
managing \& director \#
>>> assert changed_val == r'managing \& director \#'
>>> changed_val
"managing \\& director \\#"
>>> print repr(changed_val)
"managing \\& director \\#"

When you type changed_val into the console, it's equivalent to typing print repr(changed_val). repr is also the reason the quotes appear.

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Hi Eric, I understand this. I want to save these in my db with single slash only as I am using that value in latex. And latex does not allow double slash . Is it possible ? –  learner Jan 2 '13 at 5:55

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