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I am trying to embed Facebook comment box in a windows 8 store app. Is it possible to directly integrate the comment box or are there any other alternative solutions?

What I am trying now >>>> create a web page and add the Facebook comment box to webpage. Then access the webpage that I created through a Webview control. But when I try to login to Facebook using the comment box's link, it will not open the login dialogue inside the webview but it opens the browser where my windows 8 Store app pulled to the background.

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I would recommend that you use the Facebook API, as recommended by another SO user answering a similar question

There is a Facebook API for Windows 8

You can find an example on Github here

I haven't tried this API, but did a WPF app using a similar API and it's usually straight forward.

If you would like to, and I know you didn't ask about that - this is just a tip, there is a web authentication broker in the WinRT API's to enable single sign on (SSO) connections to OAuth providers like Facebook etc.

You can find a sample here

Hope this helps, best of luck.

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