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I'm really getting into this iPhone app building thing, doing a lot of research, but I'm completely new to it and to coding. I do however learn very fast once I start doing, but need a point in the right direction.

I decided the first app to try and build has to be an app that searches different classifieds websites for a product the user wants to search. Also, different categories have to be available for browsing. Nothing new, but something to keep me occupied. I don't own the three or four websites that have to be crawled.

What do I need to make the information accessible. Do I absolutely need their API? Are there any frameworks that already do what I need? They (the classifieds websites) will be reluctant to give access to their database, plus it's an experiment, so might be too much trouble to ask.

Hope someone can help here...

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You must be having some administrative credentials for the websites from which u want to show the products in your app. Then only from their database or web service, u can access the product information. –  Kanan Vora Dec 31 '12 at 12:10
If they don't provide an API, your only option will be to parse the HTML output... –  shkschneider Dec 31 '12 at 12:10

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API is the main issue if you want to get some info from their website. As if we want to make an app of facebook then we have to use the built in api of facebook... or you can parse the result of that website contents if you know about parsing.

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