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I have an application that has an login-flow. In this login flow you have the possibility to remember your login and password onto your iPhone. When I do this and I restart the app I get a black bar between my tableview and my navigation bar. For mor clarification you see here a screenshot of my storyboard.

enter image description here And you can see a screenshot of the problem over here.

enter image description here So when does this happens. When I first start the app and I enter my login and pwd. Everything is OK. But when I save my login credentials on my phone. And restart the app. It skips the login screen and immediately goes to the tabbar. And at that moment the black bar appears.

Does anybody know what the problem can be?

Kind regards

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your credentials are saved but you have no data in the model classes, you have to load that data in models too – Jay iODroid Dec 31 '12 at 12:41
I think that that is not the problem, because the tableview is just filled with dat from arrays. – Stef Geelen Dec 31 '12 at 12:42

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Dont Skip the login screen, just check if the login is saved then show the add a View (Loading View with UIActivity indicator) but on the background of that View use to User save credentials to login again. and when you will successfully login then Hide the added View. This is surely help you

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